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A dating app mishap leads to…

It’s almost Christmas and while everyone in the small town of Northern Vines is making merry, I’m stressing out about my younger sister’s wedding. It’s just over a month away and I need a date. Well, technically, I don’t need a date, but I’d rather have a plus-one than go solo and have to field the speculative looks and pointed questions from all the not-solo guests. My best friend, Jenna, persuaded me to give a dating app a try, but from the moment I complete my profile, everything spirals out of control.

Enter smart and charming Ryan Ramsey, who I’íve secretly been lusting after since the day we met. Somehow, Ryan finds my profile before I’ve even published it and the next thing I know, I’ve agreed to be his fake fiancé for his family event if he’ll be my fake plus-one for the wedding. Sounds simple, and yet, I know it will blow up in both of our faces. I mean, anyone who’s been to the movies knows this kind of arrangement never works out like it’s supposed to.

Do I change my mind? Do I walk away from the deal? Of course not. This is sexy Ryan Ramsey I’m talking about, and I can’t say no to him.

We need to get to know one another better, and fast. We debut at my work’s Christmas mixer, and suddenly our platonic agreement isn’t so platonic anymore. By New Year’s Eve, and my heart is in serious jeopardy. My sister’s wedding is only a few weeks away and Ryan’s event is on Valentine’s Day. Will I be able to pretend to be fake-in-love, when the fact is, I’m already falling in love with Ryan?

Only time will tell if I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life, or if I’m about to become Miss Taken.

eBook, Lucky Me Publishing - November 4, 2021
Amazon ASIN: B09L5HSWD2


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